Woman of Stowaway

Monica Samuels


National Sake Sales Manager

Complexion: Medium  

Lips: Scarlet

Eyes: Jet, Mascara, & Essential Eye Palette

Cheeks: Burnt Rose & Dark Bronzer


Monica is one of the country’s most accomplished sake experts in wine and spirits industry. She spent part of her childhood in Tokyo with her grandmother, sparking her interest in exploring Japanese culture and cuisine. She is bilingual and spends typically 3 weeks on the road each month for work. She loves Stowaway for the ease and portability of our products, as she often feels like she lives out of a carry-on suitcase. Learn more about Monica and her go-to Stowaway products below. 

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About Monica And Why She Chooses Stowaway

1. What Stowaway Product can you not live without?

Essential Eye Palette

2. What about your job that inspires your work?

I am very fortunate to represent the most tightly curated selection of Japanese sake producers available. I truly feel like each one of them has been a friend and mentor to me and I feel a personal obligation to represent them well.

3. What is a must do for you everyday?

Eat Breakfast

4. Best advice you have ever received?

"It can wait."

5. Where can we find you most Saturdays at noon?

Working out! I love taking classes or enjoying a good run outside.

6. Biggest makeup faux pas from the past?

Lining my entire eye with black eyeliner - it took until my mid-twenties to realize that less is more!